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The Global Space Design Challenge will host two 3-day Space Settlement Design Challenges, July 16-18 and July 23-25, 2022. The July 16-18 will be more engineering intensive designing a space settlement on a planetary body, while the July 23-25 will focus on multiple areas including engineering, artificial intelligence, medical issues in space, and finance. 

GSDC/Pro Ed/OIC online 3-day SDC Challenge July 16-18 or 23-25, 2021
The July 16-18 Challenge will be designing and engineering a planetary space settlement.

GSDC/Pro Ed online 3-day SDC Challenge July 18-25 2021
The July 18-25, 2021 Challenge will combine, engineering, space medical issues, AI, and finance.

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Global Space Design Challenge Residential Summer Camp July 9-20 2022

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Exciting GSDC space challenge, design a space settlement.       


We look forward to seeing you at Imperial College London online or in person in July.
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