Global Space Design Challenge

Learn more about engineering, business and teamwork than you ever imagined possible at
Imperial College London 13–24 July 2019

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The Challenge

The Challenge

The culmination a two day Space Design Competition. Utilize everything you have learned and a chance to be among 12 students attending the International competition at Kennedy Space Center

Intensive and professional programme of training by expert engineers and academics followed by an industry design simulation which exposes students to the joys and challenges of working in an industrial team.
Students will integrate their knowledge of science and will learn technical competence, management and communication skills and enjoy a unique experience of working as a member of an aerospace industry proposal team.

Academic programme

World Class Instruction

Instruction by world renowned academics, business leaders, space engineers and NASA.

The Programme
World Class Instruction

London - Oxford - Cambridge

Work, design and stay at Imperial College London. Tour Oxford and Cambridge

Social Programme

How To Apply

The Global Space Design Challenge is open to students aged 15-18 from all over the world.

How To Apply
  • Experience a tour of Imperial College London, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.
  • Receive world class instruction and work in an industry team based 60 years in the future.
  • Design a space settlement for over 10,000 people.
  • Enjoy a full programme of academic and social activities.

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