Month: <span>July 2021</span>

GSDC Summer Programme

Excitement Is Building

There is a buzz in the air as the team at the Global Space Design Challenge prepares for the next online Space Design and Preparation programmes.

The first Global Space Design Challenge begins on July 16th, and it’s not too late to book your place on this or any of our university preparation courses in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Medical.  You can combine any of these programmes with a Space Design Challenge at the end of your course. 

Check both the GSDC and the Pro Ed websites for information on these courses. We have also been updating our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages.  We would love for you to like and follow our social media accounts.

GSDC Summer Programme

A Different Global Space Design Challenge

Example of a company structure

The competition challenges teams, divided into companies, to provide a response to a ‘Request for Proposal.’ Typically, the RFP calls for the design of a settlement in our solar system. 

Each challenge varies, depending on the requirements of the RFP. The settlement could be on a planetary surface or cycling a planetary body.  In addition, it might be designed for a specific purpose such as mining, environmental or medical research.  Furthermore, its population could include families,  scientists, doctors, engineers or any combination of these. 

With this in mind, the structure of the company will be distinct, depending on the requirements. This is an industry simulation so the company will likely need multiple departments skilled in different areas. These departments all work in their separate areas and come together as a team to produce their RFP.

As in industry, each company presents their design at the end of the challenge. Again, as in industry, judges will choose the winning company on the merits of their proposal and on how well that proposal meets the requirements.