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GSDC Summer Programme

Excitement Is Building

There is a buzz in the air as the team at the Global Space Design Challenge prepares for the next online Space Design and Preparation programmes.

The first Global Space Design Challenge begins on July 16th, and it’s not too late to book your place on this or any of our university preparation courses in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Medical.  You can combine any of these programmes with a Space Design Challenge at the end of your course. 

Check both the GSDC and the Pro Ed websites for information on these courses. We have also been updating our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages.  We would love for you to like and follow our social media accounts.

Education Methods

Experience the Benefits of The Global Space Design Challenge

If you are a student looking to gain valuable experience in the Space and Engineering Industry you will benefit hugely from participating in one of our programmes.

You will be given the opportunity to form and work as part of your own company and design a Space Settlement based on the proposal that is given to you at the beginning of the challenge.

Although our competitions are aimed at students, this isn’t a school. Much of the effectiveness of the challenge stems from the fact that it is student-led and that the teachers and industry experts are there purely as advisors and supporters. This independent learning process encourages participants to learn patience, good communication skills and perseverance. Most
importantly, they gain confidence from engaging in a hands-on enterprise to which they are rarely exposed at school.

Students work on real problems, find solutions, justify their decisions and take responsibility for those choices. Surely, in the future, businesses and institutions will wish to hire these self-starters.

The Global Space Design Challenge enables competitors to form lifelong friendships, to gain valuable experience and to work with students from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. It also gives learners the opportunity to make University connections at Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College. Additionally, all participants receive valuable certificates
and assistance with University applications.


GSDC Summer Programme

A Global Space Design Challenge

This summer, the GSDC is running two 3-day online courses from the 16th to the 18th of July and from the 23rd to the 25th of July. The students taking part in the competition are tasked with designing a future space settlement. As part of a management team, they act as aerospace engineers, financial management, medical experts, or robotics designers. While conceiving a prospective space settlement, students also have the opportunity to learn from industry experts. 

On the first day of the competition, participants are asked to form a company and to compete in a space quiz. After the quiz, they elect their company officers, among which a president who will direct the group. Engineering, AI, medical and finance section heads then take part in a technical training session for their speciality and various officers will receive management training.

On the Challenge’s second day, students create the base space settlement, mentored by academic and Industry experts. On the final day of the competition,  they will present their design to the judges who represent Space Agencies, Industries and Universities. Subsequently – and with much suspense — the winning company is announced.

Participants and members of the winning company receive certificates citing innovation, presentation, and other proficiencies. Certification from this prestigious worldwide Challenge is well received by members of the British G5, i.e., Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, London, London School of Economics, and University College, London, U.S. universities and other universities.

create a space settlementThis competition is held throughout the year in various venues around the world. Education without coercion or intrusive instruction is what this exciting programme is all about. Students learn by doing and thinking on their own. Their pride and ownership in what they have accomplished stand them well for their proper future and for the future of an eventual home in space.



Robots and Space

Automation engineering and robotics will play a major role in space settlements. The GSDC addresses the importance of robots as it explores the future of space settlements!


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